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PAZ Dry Aged T-bone Steak
Dry Aged T-bone Steak

Dry Aged Steaks

Our steaks are dry aged for minimum 4 weeks to increase the tenderness and flavour. All our steaks are Black Angus, Premium grade (USDA) from Creekstone farm in Kansas.

PAZ Raw Steak Meat

Dry aging works by exposing the naked beef to a carefully controlled environment with precise temperature and humidity levels. In addition to an increase in tenderness, the flavor of the beef is altered during this process.

PAZ Dry Aged Ribeye Steak
Dry Aged Ribeye Steak

Lamb Chops

They are from Rhug Estate, Scotland. All organic farm.

PAZ Organic Lamb Rack
Organic Lamb Rack
PAZ “Fun Guy” mushroom burger with fries
PAZ “Fun Guy” Mushroom Burger with Fries


PAZ hommade burger with onion and fries
Burger with Fries


Best quality Agria breed fries locally produced and supplied by Frietboutique.

PAZ crispy onion cheese burger
Crispy Onion Cheese Burger

Burger Patties

Our burger patties are minced meat from 100% Simmental beef, flavoured with salt and pepper only.

Home made burger buns
Home Made Burger Buns

Home Made

We cook & bake the onion breads, desserts, salads, sides, burger buns and our own mayonnaise daily according to authentic “home made” recipes, so there is no additives or preservatives.

PAZ homemade cheesecake with strawberry