PAZ restaurant Amsterdam

Our Mezzes and
Main Courses

PAZ Special Sish grills Vegetable, Meat or Chichen
Aegean inspired recipes

Unique and Authentic recipes

We’ve articulated the "mezze and meyhane" culture from Aegean region, in our unique style at PAZ.

All according to authentic “home made” recipes, so there is no additives or preservatives.

PAZ Organic Lamb Rack
Lamb Chops


PAZ Aegean inspired. Food and Joy Shared
Aegean inspired. Food and Joy Shared


Best quality Agria breed fries locally produced and supplied by Frietboutique.

Home made burger buns
Home Made Burger Buns

Home Made

We cook & bake the onion breads, desserts, salads, sides, burger buns and our own mayonnaise daily

PAZ homemade cheesecake with strawberry