PAZ restaurant Amsterdam

PAZ is a place of peace where we’ve inspired from the "mezze and meyhane" culture of the Aegean region to create a unique atmosphere for everyone to come and share the food and joy.

Vegetables and meat cooked on open fire
Aegean inspired
PAZ “World of mezzes” is the work of the same team that created PAZ “Open fire cooking”, from the design of guest experience to unique product and operational elements.
We had to go through a renovation process which took longer than expected. Now we are open and welcom our guests. We invite you all to share our delicious food and joyful atmosphere...
Veggie, Beef and Chichen on Sish
Pink hummus and mezzes to share
Food n joy Shared
We earned your trust and 4.9 stars rating according to your reviews on Google.
Great atmosphere for families. They gave my kid LEGO to play with rather than the coloring book”. We're very happy to see you together with your kids.